Nature’s gift to humanity~

Myself riding Jerry with Oscar watching as a Ron Graphic Window filter.

Sometimes seeing images of horses as paintings helps illustrate our special relationship with these creatures.

Jerry and Oscar in the summer barnyard as a Ron Graphic version.

Over time, this bond seems to grow. Horses have personalities, and if we listen, they will talk. A glance. A look. A stare. And occasionally, “Wtf are you doing?” 

Jerry at the Barn door with a flymask on using a Ron Graphic filter.

Dorothy grooming Oscar with Tucker looking on in an Impressionist point of view.

Allison with Jerry and Oscar by Barn--Ron Graphic version.

Horses make our landscapes more beautiful and life more interesting. 

Slide show~


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  1. Beautiful…just beautiful!

    1. Thanks Mellanie. I’m glad you enjoyed them. Cheers!

  2. The photos are as lovely as the horses. Hope to see them — and you! — soon.

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