A walk around the rail yard in infrared~

Black and white infrared photo of a boxcar close to the ECRM in St. Thomas, Ontario in infrared.

Right after I had received a camera back from a full spectrum infrared conversion the ECRM was one of the first places I stopped. I would realize later that you really need white fluffy clouds to set things off, but this is what I have so I thought I’d share them anyway. 

Infrared black and white photo in 2012 of the Elgin County Railway Museum (EMCR) in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Above~ Infrared photo of the side of the Elgin County Railway Museum (EMCR) in St. Thomas, Ontario in 2012 before it was covered over. It is a shame that kids did this to the windows. There was a time when no kid would have dared to break a window on the whole railroad complex that was the engine of St. Thomas.

Slideshow in infrared~

Above~ Photos with a Nikon 3100 full spectrum infrared camera in October 2012. You will notice on the photos above that black and white infrared sometimes reveals almost brutal detail. This is can be quite useful, as I point out about the headstones in the Old St. Thomas Church in Infrared. It is sometimes used in forensic photography, and there are certain infrared cameras that can only be acquired by law enforcement agencies.

Infrared black and white photo of the historic CASO Train Station in St. Thomas, Ontario in 2012.

Above~ The historic CASO Station in St. Thomas.


I worked with the ECRM for many years. I supplied them with T-shirs and sweats, ceramic fired mugs and other items. They were a fine group of people work with. The volunteer hours they put into that Museum would be a credit to any community, anywhere. The restoration work on the engines and cars was and is incredible, as is the model railway display.


Elgin County Railway Museum~ the ECRM website.

The Railway History of St. Thomas~  good overview from the St. Thomas Library.

St. Thomas Four Major Rail Lines~ good YouTube presentation by the Elgin County Railway Museum.

Heritage Collections (Elgin County Archives)~ good, searchable, and indispensable collection.

You Knew You Grew Up in St. Thomas When…~ FB Page, good information from Steve Peters and others., searchable.

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